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As a primary catering supplier, Lakama feeds workforce and management with three nutritionist designed meals a day that are created for all tastes and allowing for dietary, health and religious prerequisites. Lakama adheres to HACCP (ISO 22000) quality regulations.

Most of our clients working environments are situated in robust and limited accessible areas, and we manage to deliver food to all these sites on a 100% ETA daily. Currently, the company produces between 8,000 and 15,000 meals per day on any given time, in the form of Breakfast, Lunch and Lunch Boxes delivered to site, and Supper. Lakama takes all diet specifications into consideration, including religious compulsions; i.e. Halaal, Kosher, Diabetics, Ulcers, etc.

We offer the following meals:

  • Standard Lunch Box
  • Health Lunch Box
  • Large BBQ's (with Lamb or Pork on the spit)
  • Sweet and Savoury Platters
  • Continental Buffets
  • Conference Lunches
  • Ceremonial Functions
  • Sushi Bar Functions
  • 5 Course Meal Functions

The meals are also categorized for specified workforce and customers:

  • Unskilled - Laborers
  • Semi Skilled - Artisans
  • Skilled - Supervisors
  • High Management

Thus we meet any requirement within the aspiration of the client.

Apart from catering for all accommodated clients, Lakama delivers additional meals to the clients' workforce that is not accommodated. We have a healthy relationship with National Governmental Bodies and Departments, providing major ceremonial catering functions with up to 5000 people at any event. Our specialty is in offering any type of food presentation that suits the particular client and or industry Meals are distributed and presented in Point of Sale Retail outlets; accommodated employees Kitchen and Restaurant; client office deliveries from centralized kitchens; on-site large-scale preparation and distribution and delivering hot lunch packs on site.

HACCP, ISO and Quality, Safety and Health Regulations

As health regulations are very important within the catering industry, Lakama have committed themselves to the Food Safety Management and this commitment is filtered through to employees. it is a direct regulation which has to be intensely monitored.

ISO 22000

It is in the interest of providing products and services that are safe for consumption, as well as meet or exceed customer expectations and comply with all statutory and regulatory requirements that Lakama have decided to Implement a Food Safety Management System.

Downloads: HSEQ Statement | Safety Statement


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