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Whether it's for your clients, staff or labour force - Lakama has a proven track record to offer comprehensive solutions to efficiently see to your every catering, accommodation and logistical challenge. Lakama implements best practices and proven methodologies across all of it's National operations and has been of service to a wide range of clients.

Lakama was established in 1995, with our initial core business being the offering of accommodation purely for construction companies, contractors and other industries faced with the challenge of providing a suitable accommodation for their workforce. While these companies were fulfilling contracts, and not having the expertise or the time to make certain that their employees were accommodated sufficiently, Lakama presented and still presents the perfect solution.

The company's primary business function entails the provision of Accommodation and Food for companies. As an extended function, the whole logistics process is also catered for. Even though our clients are the major players within the industry with thousands of employees; our main concern, however, is not the companies from the mines, power stations nor industry, but rather the individuals that we house and cater. An advantage for companies utilizing our service is that we have a flexible, dynamic as well as a re-imbursable service in which tangency does not have a major role to play in.

Similarly, the residents are ensured to have an environment congruent to "home", with the surroundings, as well as service provided, representing comfort. Along with our years of existence comes experience of tacit knowledge. The tacit knowledge is explicated operationally through the know-how of everyday operations that cannot be learned theoretically.

The method of dealing with everyday issues successfully is something that has to be mastered over years, and it is this very industry that demands that kind of operational expertise. We are proud to be among the few players within the industry that has acquired tacit knowledge and expertise in this robust and sensitive industry.


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